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¿Por qué sal de rio?

SALINA DE LA FORTUNA | Castillo Villena

We are now into our third generation of salt manufacturers, having perfected the artisan method of salt extraction. Both tradition and innovation are reflected in the preparation of all FOSSIL RIVER’s products. Our product range encompasses the most exotic salts in the world plus a selection of the finest condiments for creating a range of spice-infused salts that enhance the flavours and textures of every dish, not forgetting our innovative liquid salt range that is ideal for all kinds of salads and uncooked dishes.

Our most valued product, SALT FLAKES is harvested at our La Fortuna Salt pan, in Villena. To make this salt, with its ultra-fine, diamond-like crystals, we extract it from underground rivers and then deposit it in saline pools where the water is gradually evaporated, leaving all the minerals intact.