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Pétalos de Sal

Superior purity and quality

Our most valued product, PÉTALOS DE SAL (SALT FLAKES), is harvested at the Salina de la Fortuna salt pan in Villena.

These salt flakes are created by means of artisanal extraction from subterranean rivers, whereby the salt is deposited in saline ponds and dried by the Mediterranean sun and the Alicante wind, removing the water through evaporation and conserving all of the minerals in the salt that had been dissolved by the water.

All of the products made at Salina de la Fortuna have a designation of origin which endorses the artisanal extraction process, a purity free from modern marine pollutants and their superior quality. With no bleaches or additives, the salt retains all its original minerals and trace elements, making it worthy of its reputation as one of the best salts in the Mediterranean basin.