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Hongos con foie con reducción Pedro Ximenez

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Hongos con foie

Mixture of fungi
Petals Fossil salt
150 gr. Pedro Ximénez
40 gr. sugar

Salteamos them mushrooms in one string to suelten him water. When he Esten blanditos them let Emplate, one layer of mushrooms, unos Petals Salt, one slice of foie so on ending it foie. DO the reduction, we put in the Thermomix, he saw it y sugars and programmed 20 minutes at 100 degrees.
It passed a bottle y Rocio them mushrooms. If we left preserved muy bien reduction in the refrigerator. In order to make the reduction of the traditional way, put it saw y el sugar in a pan y stem it dejamos reduce the half, bad the less, aunque remains liquid, carameliza after.

Published him 23/11/2009 “Olite” su blogger