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Ingredients (4 people)
800 g of sea bass (2 basses)
100 g of cooking salt

TIME: 20-30 minutes
PRICE: € 20-30

How is it made:
We put a layer of coarse salt in a baking dish.
We put up the bass without desviscerar behead or, as is the market.
Covered with the rest of the salt, which for ease of molding may be mixed with water or egg white. Tightened well the salt layer that completely covers the fish.
Pour it into the oven that is preheated to 200-255 ° C.
Remove from the oven to 20-25 minutes.
We hit the crust of salt and took the fish carefully to a source.
Without any kind of sauce is delicious, but can also be served with mayonnaise, garlic mayonnaise or vinaigrette.

Review dietary

One of the preparations faster and less laborious food is the roast with a layer of salt. Using this technique we obtain very tasty dishes and the food is cooked in its own juice. Fish, especially white fish are suitable for cooking in this way, what thank those who want to enjoy the nutritional and culinary virtues of fish, without spending much time in the kitchen.
The bass is a fish prized for its lean white meat, compact, with few spines and thin and delicate flavor. It’s a little fatty food that stands out for its content of high quality protein and minerals such as iodine, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.
As not added any fat, it is an easy dish to digest and may well include in menus, weight loss and fat control, especially if accompanied by a garnish with vegetables.
The mayonnaise-type sauce dish enriched in fat and calories, so that consumption is not advised in case of obesity or overweight.